New Year's Resolution's

Did you know that 84% of New Year's Resolutions involve diet and exercise, and more than 50% of all NYR’s fail? You don't have to be one of those statistics though!

This year, instead of making a commitment to lose, why not make a commitment to gain?

I know what you’re thinking…Is she absolutely nuts??? Hear me out…when people lose something, they usually keep looking until they find it (especially weight). Diets fail because they are temporary, deprive us, are expensive and don’t fit a normal lifestyle. No wonder they fail. Who wants to maintain a life that looks like that?

Why give up that steak and loaded potato? Instead, why not add delicious, clean food to your repertoire?

If you are not sure what “clean” food is, pick up a copy of “Eat Clean, Stay Lean” by Wendy Bazilian, DRPH, RD and the editors of Prevention Magazine. In a nutshell, clean food is whole food that has gone through as little processing as possible and does not contain chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, preservative or artificial sweeteners or colors. According to Wendy, it is, “foods that look and taste like they came fresh out of the ground from a tree, a farm, the ocean…”

Maybe make a commitment to yourself to try one new “clean” recipe a week for the entire year? That would be 52 new, healthy, delicious meals that possibly become your new favorites! If that is not aggressive enough for you, instead of eating your favorite meal every night of the week, try eating it only once or twice a week and make a commitment to try a new, healthy, delicious meal the rest of the week? Sound like a lot of work?

Mountain Valley Handcrafted Seasonings would like to do a lot of the work for you. Visit our Facebook page every week in the month of January for recipes and ideas.

Eating well shouldn’t be hard or make you feel deprived. When discovering amazing recipes that are easy to make becomes your focus, I think you will be very pleased with the additional benefits!

Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

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